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The Porcine Signature Database (PorSignDB) is a collection of annotated gene sets for use with GSEA software ( These gene sets were mostly derived from in vivo derived transcriptomic data, and describe a wide spectrum of (patho)physiological states of different tissue types. Only a minority of gene sets describe cell culture systems. Although the original data stems from pigs (Sus Scrofa), gene identifiers were adapted to human orthologs in order to fit into the MSigDB collection and facilitate its application to data from any mammalian species. Any additional questions can be sent to

Citing PorSignDB
To cite your use of the Porcine Signature Database (PorSignDB), please reference Van Renne et al. (2018) Dissecting clinical outcome of porcine circovirus type 2 with in vivo derived transcriptomic signatures of host tissue responses. BMC Genomics (in press).

Available files for GSEA
-download PorSignDB gene sets (PorSignDB.gmt)
-download PorSignDB gene sets in entrez identifiers (PorSignDB_entrez.gmt)
-download custom Affymetrix porcine genechip annotation (Affymetrix_porcine_genechip_VanRenne.chip)
-download PorSignDB annotation source file (PorSignDB.xlsx format)

PorSignDB Licence Terms
The following license terms apply to PorSignDB. The contents of PorSignDB are protected by copyright (c) 2017 Nicolaas Van Renne, subject to the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.